5 Things to Look for in an Ergonomic Desk Chair

Five-150x150A high-quality office chair is a sure-fire way to keep hard-working employees happy, comfortable, and productive. But it can be hard to navigate the world of office furniture unless you have some guidelines. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for the perfect chair:

  1. Seat Shape and Height: A good desk chair should have a fully adjustable seat to accommodate different types of human bodies and positions. An ergonomic seat must be contoured so that it distributes the weight of the body across the seat in a way that doesn’t put pressure on the thighs or base of the spine. It should slope downward at the front to reduce pressure on the thighs. The height of the seat needs to be adjustable so that the user can comfortably place the flats of the feet on the floor.
  2. Seat Angle: The pan of the seat should tilt backwards or forwards to accommodate various postures and positions. It should be able to lock at any tilt angle in order to maximize comfort and posture.
  3. Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment: A pneumatic seat adjustor not only makes it more convenient to adjust the height of the chair, it absorbs any shock involved with sitting down or moving in the chair. It also provides a smooth 360-degree swivel that allows the body to move freely in the chair.
  4. Adjustable Lumbar Support: Proper lumbar support is what makes the difference between a good chair and a great chair. Maintaining the natural curvature of the lower back is what most consistently prevents back pain and pressure, thus boosting energy and productivity. Look for lumbar support that can accommodate a range of heights and weights.
  5. Adjustable Arms: While sitting at a desk, it is important to have armrests that can support the weight of the arms. This removes the stress and prevents pain in the muscles of the arms and neck.

CH777 sideThe CharlieChair is a cost-efficient, high-quality office chair that does not compromise when it comes to ergonomics. It comes equipped with a contoured, padded seat that is fully adjustable via a locking tilt mechanism, pneumatic height adjustor, and seat pan depth adjustor. Its height-adjustable padded armrests are also removable. Fully adjustable lumbar support will reduce back pain and maintain the posture needed for proper circulation and movement. Its sturdy, five-legged base and dual-wheel casters mean that it will keep you and your employees happy and productive for years to come.

If you’re looking for the ideal chair to place in your company’s offices and its workstations, the CharlieChair is an excellent choice. It will seat your employees comfortably all day long allowing them to be efficient and productive throughout the work day. To learn more about renting or purchasing CharlieChairs, please call us at 888.777.3222 or 510.569.6969 or fill out the short form on the Get a Quote page and one of our knowledgeable representatives will contact you shortly.

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