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The History of the Chair

History of the ChairThey are everywhere, in homes, businesses, restaurants, and theaters. They are the result of thousands of years of progress and invention, a wonder of history disguised as something so ordinary we take them entirely for granted: chairs.

In the Beginning

The simple four-legged, flat-backed affair with two armrests that we consider a normal chair was first found in ancient Egypt. It was the privilege of royalty and a symbol of power. People of high social standing demonstrated their social status by sitting not on the common benches and low couches, but on luxuriously crafted chairs of ebony, ivory, or gilded wood.

Throughout the Classical Age of the Greeks and Romans, and the early Middle Ages, chairs retained their illustrious symbolism of power and prominence. It was not until the Renaissance time period that chairs became more widely available.

What a Brilliant Idea

As the centuries progressed and fashions in society and art changed, the styles of popular chairs varied. In the 17th century, low, heavily built chairs were common, but the 18th century brought about the fashion of luxurious, half-reclining chairs. Finally, simpler, more modern chairs were produced in the 19th century, due to the influence of the art nouveau movement.

But amid all the changes, one thing remained constant: the growing popularity of chairs. As our ancestors once exclaimed, “What a brilliant idea!” at the invention of the wheel, so the world accepted the idea of the four-legged, Egyptian-style chair and it spread around the rest of the globe.

The Triumph of the Millennia

At 1Stop Office Furniture, we take the same line as the ancient Pharaohs, the magnificent emperors, and all the grand aristocrats – chairs are important. And if in our modern age they are no longer a symbol of power and success, they are something far more vital: a way to achieve success. How can this be? Let’s take a look at the 20th century.

The astonishing scientific advancements that the 20th century is famous for led to the creation of the ergonomic office chair – a seat that is extraordinarily designed for optimum support, comfort, and functionality. This marvel of modern ingenuity is as important as a Pharaoh’s throne because it promotes good health and efficient work, which are significant factors in success.

CH777 sideWith an ergonomic Charlie Chair in your office, you can be the proud owner of an invention that is the triumph of the millennia. And every day, you can experience the comfort, practicality, design, and reliability that are the result of our world’s social and scientific advancement throughout history.

1Stop Office Furniture features the multi-adjustable Charlie Chair and many other popular, ergonomic office chair designs. All of these are available for rent or for purchase. Please review our gallery for all of the office chair selections currently available. 1Stop Office Furniture – we’ve been serving the Bay Area’s office furniture needs since 1986 and we’re ready to serve you too.

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The Foundation of Success

Ergonomic Desk Chairs
Firefighters, Navy SEALs, lion tamers, and paratroopers… When we think of dangerous professions, it is usually these spectacular people who come to mind. Left out of the list of hazardous occupations are the businessmen, executives, secretaries, writers, scientists, researchers, analysts, and every other person with a job at an office. Yet, there are many mortal perils of office life that we don’t often realize.

A Perilous ProfessionCH777 front
Most companies have large budgets for technology to ensure that their employees are using reliable computers and phone systems. But in their efforts to increase productivity and efficiency, they often forget one of the crucial aspects of office life: a desk chair. When your work is centered at a desk, you inevitably spend most of your time in a sedentary manner. And this lifestyle can have devastating effects.

As Danny Bradbury says in his article in the National Post, “Executives who spend a lot of time at their desks often focus on what’s in front of them, while forgetting what’s underneath. Not paying attention to your chair can lead to back pain, fatigue, and in the worst cases, repetitive stress disorder.”

Is There Hope In Sight?
What can you do? The long hours of sitting at your desk are necessary – deadlines are waiting, projects are calling, and your boss is keeping an eye on you to make sure you don’t take too many trips to the coffee pot and snack machine. How then can you escape the occupational hazards of business life?

Never fear! There is hope. As a result of engineering brilliance, the ergonomic desk chair was invented to provide a healthier work environment. Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide the proper support for your body, as well as distribute weight in a comfortable way that relieves the dangerous pressure on your neck, back, and leg muscles. Because of the important contribution to your health, comfort, and productivity, a good ergonomic desk chair is the foundation of success for an office worker. Continue reading The Foundation of Success