Office Furniture for Events


From corporate sales and training events to hotel conferences, as well as extended meetings and negotiations, 1Stop Office Furniture offers short term rentals from 1 day to 4 weeks.

Why Use 1Stop Office Furniture for Your Events?

  1. To make meetings more effective and memorable. A five-way fully adjustable, ergonomic chair keeps participants comfortable and alert.
  2. As a trusted advisor, 1Stop is flexible to respond to your event and business needs.
  3. We eliminate your need to purchase and store chairs and other furniture that is infrequently used. Plus we deliver and pick up the chairs according to your schedule.

What Value does 1Stop Office Furniture Offer to Venues Such as Hotels?

Hotels often make a significant portion of their profit from hosting corporate meetings. You want your attendees to have an excellent and highly productive meetings. 1Stop Office Furniture allows hotels to provide an upgraded meeting experience, which differentiates them from similar venues, and drives repeat bookings. Hotel meeting attendees often comment how much more enjoyable, productive, and memorable a meeting is when they experience the upgraded, ergonomic executive chair experience only found with 1Stop Office Furniture.

Additionally, 1Stop Office Furniture offers special hotel pricing that provides ample opportunity to increase the overall profit from a hotel meeting. Hotels want to use every available square foot for revenue producing activity – not chair storage. 1Stop Office Furniture’s highly flexible delivery and pick up service allows hotels to have these valuable chairs onsite only when you need them for your meetings.

What Value does 1Stop Office Furniture Offer to Corporate Events?

The most valuable asset for any corporation is their people. Whenever a company wants to gather groups of employees, board members, or executive team members together for important meetings, 1Stop Office Furniture can make sure that they have the right number of fully ergonomic chairs for every meeting. Since each chair is ergonomically adjustable to any individual’s requirements, a company can be confident that they are contributing to the overall health and comfort of their employees or board members. The fact that these chairs are rented, not owned, allows a company to also reduce its capital expense, as well as storage costs.

If you would like more details about utilizing 1Stop Office Furniture for your next event, please call us at 510.568.6868 or fill out the short form on the Get a Quote page and one of our knowledgeable representatives will contact you shortly.

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