What’s Under You is Just as Important as What is in Front of You

CH777 side 1280x720Business purchase decisions often come down to answering two important questions:

  • What do we need?
  • How much can we spend?

Most companies have large technology budgets, ensuring their employees have good, stable computer and phone systems to use in order to remain productive. Unfortunately, most companies choose to invest very little in quality seating.

It is important for businesses to invest in good office chairs without breaking the budget. An office chair can mean the difference between employees being productive or being distracted by back pain and muscle fatigue. What is under you is just as important as what is in front of you as you carry out your work duties.

Chairs like the CharlieChair, with thickly padded and contoured seats, adjustable lumbar support, 5 paddles to adjust the seat and back to your satisfaction, and height-adjustable arms help to maximize comfort and productivity in an office environment.

Did you know?

  • The lumbar region of the spine has five vertebrae, making up the strongest, most mobile parts of the spinal column, vital for strength, rotation and flexibility.
  • Lumbar support helps maintain a normal healthy curve to this area of your spine and provides support for the surrounding muscle, reducing stress on the spine and lowering the risk of lower back pain.

Margo Fraser, executive director of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists advises office workers to change position throughout the day in order to shift muscle load and prevent over-stressing caused by staying locked in the same position all day. “A lot of people will set their chair and then assume they should never touch it again, when in fact we want them to be making small adjustments throughout the day.”

z_p20-Evidence-02Busy executives and employees alike cannot afford to waste time tinkering about with their chair’s adjustment or worrying about whether it will maintain a high level of comfort through every work day. Office seating like the CharlieChair is available at office superstore prices, while delivering on easy adjustability that will stay exactly how you want it, while still being easy to adjust whenever you need a change.

Furnishing your office with quality chairs isn’t just another expense. It is an investment that will pay off through increased productivity, employee satisfaction and improved health. High-quality office chairs will directly benefit your finances, eliminating wasted time repairing or returning a faulty product and preventing you from having to replace office chairs on a regular basis.

With pneumatic seat height adjustment, an adjustable-depth seat, locking tilt mechanism and heavy-duty dual wheel casters, the CharlieChair provides needed quality, comfort, consistency and posture versatility at a price that won’t break the office budget.

No business can afford to put time, energy and money toward office chairs that don’t fit today’s office lifestyle with both comfort and efficiency in mind. 1 Stop Office Furniture has a wide selection of office furniture including high quality chairs like the CharlieChair, designed for maximum adaptability and ergonomic comfort at affordable prices.

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