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Contra Costa County’s name, like many others in California, comes from the Spanish language, Contra Costa meaning “opposite coast.” Most of the original Europeans in this area colonized through the establishment of Spanish missions, a series of religious and military outposts. The nearby Presidio of San Francisco was particularly influential when it was established in 1776. Although no missions were established in Contra Costa County, the Spanish influence was extensive.

In 1852, when California became a state, Contra Costa was one of the original 27 counties. It was originally slated to be called Mt. Diablo County, after the county’s most notable landmark, the 3,849ft Mount Diablo which is the centerpiece of Mt. Diablo State Park, but the name was changed before incorporation to reflect the county’s location opposite San Francisco on the bay.

Contra Costa is part of California’s busiest urban center for commerce, contributing to a high level of industrialization, especially along the western and northern shorelines. Meanwhile, the interior areas of the county have lighter industrialization, commercial development, and more residential areas as well as rural land providing recreational opportunities to local residents.

In December 2013, Contra Costa County reported a labor force of 532,500 people and an unemployment rate of just 6.4%, more than two points better than California’s overall employment rate of 8.5% in the same month. In healthy, growing economies like Contra Costa’s, businesses like 1Stop Office Furniture are able to deliver on providing high quality office chairs, desks, and other office necessities priced well for startups and established companies – whether in the market for new, used, or rented furniture. 1Stop’s furnishing representatives are able to provide custom quotes for making your office a comfortable and productive working environment.

CH777 sideScience and research offices are some of the fastest-growing in the area with conservation, soil, plant and oceanic research facilities projected to increase their employment by as much as 39% between 2010 and 2020. Software development is also booming in the Contra Costa area with projected growth of 33% in the next few years and more than 7,000 people already employed in the software development field.

Contra Costa’s largest employer is AT&T, boasting nearly 13,000 employees between its locations in San Ramon and Walnut Creek. More than other occupations, research scientists, computer programmers, and telecommunications resellers are especially susceptible to the problems inherent to office environments, including long hours spent sitting in office chairs.

Technology, research, and financial industry businesses throughout Contra Costa County are taking action to help their employees stay healthy by providing office furniture that is comfortable, easy to adjust, and gives needed lumbar support to prevent back pain and other conditions. Many of these companies are making use of the flexible office chair and furnishing options offered through 1Stop Office Furniture.

Companies throughout Contra Costa County are taking advantage of the flexible office chair and furnishing options offered through 1Stop Office Furniture. Whether you’re looking to furnish a single office or a dozens of offices, or you’re planning a large meeting or special event in the Contra Costa County area or anywhere in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, 1Stop Office Furniture is ready and waiting to assist you. 1Stop Office Furniture offers new, used, and rental furnishings for offices large or small. Give us a call at 510.568.6868 or take a moment to fill out our brief “Get a Quote” form and submit it. Once we have received your request, we will contact you shortly. Thank you…we look forward to speaking with you soon – and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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