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In 2012, the Santa Clara region including Santa Clara County and San Benito County was ranked America’s highest-performing metropolitan area, ahead of Austin Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina. Businesses in Santa Clara County are at the top of innovation in software and hardware development. The county is even home to Intel and the Intel Museum, which offers factory tours and shows off the history of its pioneering ways in manufacturing computer chips.

Other great attractions in the county include California’s Great America theme park, Mission Santa Clara, the Santa Clara Farmer’s Market and annual Art and Wine Festival. One free attraction that is always worth a visit is NASA’s Ames Research Center, a key facility for NASA’s projects just 15 minutes northwest of San Jose at Moffett Field. The research center is open to the public and free of charge.

“The economy is impressive in the South Bay,” Jeffrey Michael, director of the Stockton-based Business Forecasting Center at University of the Pacific said in 2013. “You not only have strong job growth, but you also have income growth in the South Bay.” Silicon Valley is centered in the Santa Clara Valley, and business is booming. Santa Clara County remains the world leader in high-tech innovation and development.

Along with high-tech software and hardware development and other office jobs comes long hours sitting behind a desk in an office environment. This can be straining to employees who have poor seating available to them. Invest in your company’s success and make for a more productive workplace through proper office furniture including high-quality office chairs.

CH777 side1Stop Office Furniture offers products such as the modern-styled, mesh-backed, mid-back ergonomic CH777 chair model with multiple seat, back, and arm rest adjustment options available to ensure proper comfort throughout the day as your body’s needs and posture change. An office chair can mean the difference between employees being productive or being distracted by back pain and muscle fatigue. Margo Fraser, executive director of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists advises office workers to change position throughout the day in order to shift muscle load and prevent over-stressing caused by staying locked in the same position all day.

Growing businesses throughout Santa Clara County are taking advantage of the flexible office chair and furnishing options offered through 1Stop Office Furniture. The county has weathered the economic troubles of the last decade well and continues to expand, and Santa Clara County’s workers have continued to outperform expectations. You can help your employees continue to grow and succeed by establishing an excellent working environment with quality office furniture that meets their needs.

Companies throughout Santa Clara County are taking advantage of the flexible office chair and furnishing options offered through 1Stop Office Furniture. Whether you’re looking to furnish a single office or a dozens of offices, or you’re planning a large meeting or special event in the Santa Clara County area or anywhere in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, 1Stop Office Furniture is ready and waiting to assist you. 1Stop Office Furniture offers new, used, and rental furnishings for offices large or small. Give us a call at 510.568.6868 or take a moment to fill out our brief “Get a Quote” form and submit it. Once we have received your request, we will contact you shortly. Thank you…we look forward to speaking with you soon – and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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