All furniture is available for rental at a discounted price. Please contact a 1Stop Office Furniture Representative for more information.


Is simply the Furniture Value. 1Stop Office Furniture works with your local commercial furniture dealership for wholesale and discounted pricing. Please contact your local dealership or a 1Stop Office Furniture Representative for details.


1Stop Office Furniture is committed to sustainability by mitigating the disposal of furniture in landfills. Our dedicated team has conducted extensive research to devise a comprehensive methodology for assessing pre-owned furniture. It is important to emphasize that our evaluation primarily pertains to the aesthetic condition of the furniture, as all items we offer are fully operational. Any furniture that does not meet our stringent quality standards undergoes a meticulous process of disassembly and is subsequently recycled for parts or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

2nd Generation: 85% – 100% of brand new condition

Eco-Friendly: 65% – 85% of brand new condition

Used (Budget Friendly): below 65% cosmetics but fully operational


All furniture, whether it is intended for wholesale or rental, is subject to our quality control procedure. This meticulous process encompasses the sequential steps of initial extraction (the pull), thorough inspection, meticulous cleaning through wiping or steam treatment, a secondary inspection, and the final preparation of staging for will-call or delivery.


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